I know I bring this up during announcements every month, but I just can’t get over the growth our little group has seen in the past few months. I’ve seen more new faces in the past four months then I ever did in whole years previous. And you keep coming back, thank you.

When I took over as president almost a year ago I said I wanted to push for growth, and I think our group has succeeded beyond my expectations. I also wanted to find us a new location. Originally it was just because we thought there could be better than what we had, even if it meant spending a little more. I think we made the move just in time because I don’t think the Garden Club could have supported the past few Game Days.

As I sit back and look I’m not sure which part has contributed the most to this success. Was it our push to “advertise” in the stores? Was our move to Norfolk Collegiate what brought people in? In the long run why is less important then the success itself.

Every time I think there can’t be any more board gamers in the Hampton Roads area I am surprised that more show up to our events. I am also humbled that you enjoy what we put on enough to come back and support our hobby.

Here is to a great year of board gaming in Hampton Roads for 2011, may I find many more new friends across the gaming table.