The need of money is a necessary evil for any kind of organization.  While the group doesn’t own much (a few tables), and no one receives a salary we still have expenses.

  • Plates, bowls, cups, utensils, etc
  • Facility rental
  • Raffle Prizes (members only)
  • State and Federal filing

To offset these items we ask for certain dues and fees.

Membership Dues

We try to keep these at a minimum, only $15 a year.  We also try to make it easy for everyone, we only collect dues from existing members in April.  New members can join at a pro-rated cost of only $1.25 a month, through the following March.

Membership has many benefits.  The ability to vote and become a board member.  If you want the ability to help direct where we as a group are going voting for Board members or becoming one your self is the only way.  We elect new Board members every March, just in time for our new membership year. We also are required to vote on Bylaw changes, and you can vote on these as well.

Membership allows you to enter our monthly prize drawings.  We always have at least one drawing for credit towards our monthly game order.  Often we also have gift certificates to our ordering location of choice.

Membership allows you access to member only areas of the forum. This includes a contact list of all our members. This is also where we discuss the monthly game order, and gather the individual member orders that go towards it.


As stated above, we have reoccurring costs associated with hosting Game Days.  While individual monthly expenses are not extreme, they all add up to over $1000 a year.  The largest expense is the facility rental, which is the primary expense we base our fees on and when we ask you to pay.  There are two ways to pay your event fee.

Pay as you go.  This is available to members and non-members.  We ask for just $5 per event.  This is payable on the day you attend the event and allows you to come and go as you please.  To be fair though we ask for this fee whether you show up at noon and stay till midnight, or don’t show up until 9pm.

Activity Fee.  This is available to members only.  The option to purchase the activity fee is only available when you sign up to be a member or at annual renewal.  At $30 a year for all Game Days, this is a great bargain.  This is equivalent to 50% off every Game Day and Bonus Game Days for free.  New members are offered this deal at a pro-rated fee of $2.50 a month through the following March.

When all is done you can get almost 200 hours of gaming a year for just $45.