Who is TAGS?
TAGS, or Tidewater Area Gaming Society (formerly Tidewater Strategy Group) , are folk living in the Tidewater/Hampton Roads Area of Virginia (North Carolina to Williamsburg) who enjoy playing board games. More specifically strategy style board games

What type of games do you play?
Mostly we play anything! Okay, so you won’t necessarily find us playing a round of Monopoly… but our normal game sessions include everything from German Board games to WhoDunIt card games. The Settlers of Catan ranks high on our list, which also includes the entire roster of Empire Builder games. For card games, many of us enjoy a round of Balloon Cup (created by TAGS member Stephen Glenn) or any of the Mystery Rummy series. Toss in some Munchkin or some good ol’ fashioned Can’t Stop and you’ve got a sample of one of our game sessions.

Princes of Florence, Funkenschlag/Power Grid, Blokus, and Carcassonne are among the games owned, and enjoyed often by our members.

Do I have to know the game or have read the rules?
It is never necessary for folks to know a game before playing. It is recommended if you bring a new game to a session that you have at least familiarized yourself with the rules, enough to be able to teach it as you learn along with your fellow players. We are lucky that we have a diverse group of folk, who bring a diverse group of games to our sessions. In addition, many of our members utilize the resources of BGG, Board Games with Scott, and other resources when deciding what games to try and/or buy.

Do you do any RPG’s, War Games or CCG’s?
Not necessarily. While most of our members got their start in RPG’s (D&D to be more precise), and some still have an interest in or still play elsewhere, TAGS is mostly about board gaming. The same for CCG’s. Several of our members are also involved in War Game groups, poker groups, or Trivia groups, but TAGS in general does not play them.  Though you never know what will hit the table.

How does one become a member?
Attendance and website access  open to all, and we encourage anyone and everyone who has an interest to attend one of our public game sessions (see the next FAQ). Should you decide you wish to join us, simply pay your dues, fill out a new member info form, and you’re all set.

When/Where/How often are game sessions?
Each month we gather together in Norfolk for what we refer to as GAME DAY. As Game Day can be as many as 30 or more people, this requires a bit of strategy on it’s own. This can mean as many as 10 or more games played. Usually 3-5 tables playing simultaneously. For more information about GAME DAY and how to attend, please post a message in the general forum introducing yourself, and indicate that you are interested in coming to Game Day.

There are also, less structured, informal game sessions occurring all the time. Anyone who feels they have the space and desire can announce they want to play, where, and when. If necessary they will specify space limitations. PM’s (private messages) are recommended for specific invites usually based on particular game interests.

What should I bring to game day?
A sense of enthusiasm, a desire to enjoy yourself are great things to bring! It is asked that when attending game sessions that you bring along your own beverage, and, if possible food to share (ie: soups, casseroles, chips, cookies, etc…).

What does it cost to be a member of TAGS?
All are free to register for the forums and come out play some games at the public events.  Those who wish to become members pay $15.00 annual dues.   Also, there is currently a small door charge for Game Day, to pay for the rental of the venue.

Are there any age restrictions to attend or become a member?

  • No children under the age of 12 at Game Days.
  • No one under the age of 18 without an adult both present and willing to be responsible for minor at Game Days.
  • No one under the age of 18 may become a member.
  • Age restrictions at the homes of members are up to that members discretion.